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185 days
0.0007 /day
25 lucky spins
Bonus: 0.016
Unlimited quantity
purchase Now 0.008


185 days
0.0016 /day
40 lucky spins
Bonus: 0.009
Unlimited Quantity
purchase Now 0.025


185 days
0.0034 /day
100 lucky spins
Bonus: 0.02
Unlimited Quantity
purchase Now 0.05


185 days
0.007 /day
150 lucky spins
Bonus: 0.05
Unlimited Quantity
purchase Now 0.1

Affiliate Program
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8% 7% 4% 2% 1%
referral commission
The affiliate program consists of 5 levels which means you'll be able to get higher affiliate commission for referring more sales.
The referral commissions with 5 levels of 8% 7% 4% 2% 1% are applied to all plans.

Online Statistics
RocketBtcMine investment statistics

Last Withdrawals
Date Amount Address Plan
38 seconds ago 0.002 675AP6FvYBefeYe7sj9mucxxxxx... Gold
2 minutes ago 0.002 14ZaLmYo9xPsjGaUACaaFtxxxxx... Gold
14 minutes ago 0.0043 76rh2i1Jj2zsRboUrZPJknxxxxx... Silver
15 minutes ago 0.0031 13JsZiW3Q2AxQ7dxJpMsbMxxxxx... Gold
15 minutes ago 0.03 80BquXm8bcELuvD1koqWBrxxxxx... Silver
29 minutes ago 0.034 5HyQLPAEx6k5EPzTfr19sxxxxx... Silver
35 minutes ago 0.03 82b2xqpxBFV5LXVRLbGCy8xxxxx... Silver
43 minutes ago 0.03 38fGztzfou5uzvBoeLjuCdxxxxx... Silver
45 minutes ago 0.031 5792ncSgBBz8nPk7e3ki9cxxxxx... Silver
56 minutes ago 0.0160469 75kFW3vDiyA1kNRq5zsB1fxxxxx... Free,Silver

Frequently Asking Questions

1. About RocketBtcMine?

RocketBtcMine - could be a savvy bitcoin cloud mining benefit developed for reasonable bitcoin mining, in the interim planned to supply visit mining payouts inside the most limited conceivable time period.

2. RocketBtcMine working?

Our company persistently keeps up mining bitcoin within the field utilizing equipment and the control from a few huge information centers around the world to play down costs of electric control. On every day premise our proficient investigators manage our resources to change over in into bitcoin on the foremost profitable cost as of Bitcoin is most fluid cryptocurrency at the minute. You'll be getting Bitcoin payouts on every day premise depending on arrange you acquired.

3. Getting started with RocketBtcMine?

To induce begun, if it's not too much trouble enter your bitcoin wallet address and start mining . You do not require any extraordinary equipment or program or indeed to keep your possess computer on to do cloud mining, we'll do the mining on your sake.

4. Earning bitcoin with RocketBtcMine?

You're acquiring mining plan and we are mining on your sake. You'll be accepting returns on every day premise depending on amount of your plan.

5. How much you can earn without investments?

You can't generate BTC without investments. You can upgrade your plan or get active Referrals to generate up to 0.01100000 BTC every day.

6. RocketBtcMine conditions for profit withdrawal?

There are no conditions for withdrawal. You can withdraw bitcoin whenever your balance reaches the minimum withdrawal.

7. What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?

Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC .

8. How much can I earn on the affiliate program?

All free miners earn a 5% affiliate bonus if you share your referral links on social media, blog or with friends. You can also upgrade your plan to increase affiliate rate up to 8%

9. Are there any registration or maintenance fees??

Registration is free and without any maintenance fees.

10. How long it will be active after pay?

Free plan active forever. Other plans are active and profitable for 185 days . When a plan expires it will return to the Free plan.

11. Can I have multiple accounts?

You can have only one account.

12. Can I upgrade plan with bitcoin on my balance?

RocketBtcMine currently does not support upgrading from internal RocketBtcMine wallet yet.

13. How to contact us?

You can contact us via contacts page form.